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TalentLAB is a recruitment agency created by one of the most famous headhunters in Eastern Europe Alena Vladimirskaya. We are a team of experienced specialists living in Uzbekistan and speaking Uzbek, Russian and English. We specialize in searching and selecting professionals in the CIS, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and various European countries.
we know everyone!
The most popular headhunter in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Expertise in IT/Digital and innovative business. Founder of a recruiting agency specializing in HeadHunting and executive search. Alena has a unique ability to find the right people even for the most difficult vacancies, which allowed her to be noted as an outstanding recruiter in Russia and Europe. She was recognized several times by Forbes magazine as one of the most famous female entrepreneurs in Russia.
Who is Alena Vladimirskaya?
What we are good at?
We are recruiting professionals. Large companies and startups invite us when they cannot fill the vacancy on their own or with the help of other recruitment agencies. We have a deep understanding of the market not only in Uzbekistan, but also Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.
Top managers - CFO, CPO, COO, CMO, logistics directors, HRD, CTO, commercial directors;
IT-specialists - data scientists, system architects, development managers, leads of a complex development stack;
Teams - we provide “turnkey” solutions. if you need a team of any area;
Difficult search - you cannot find a high-level specialist for a long time;
Please note! We do not look for specialists with a fixed salary of less than 2 thousand dollars a month.
We work with “complex vacancies”
USTOZ - is a free project for the best young specialists of Uzbekistan, which allows them to become real leaders of our country.
This is a regular project, that is organized twice a year, and is currently supported by Westminster International University in Tashkent. The best HR directors of Uzbekistan are participating in the project (Kamilya Bektemirova - HRD UzAutoMotorsPowertrain, Nargisa Baymirzaeva - HRD Korzinka, Komila Khasanova - HRD BAT Uzbekistan and many others). Project graduates have a great chance to become leaders in the largest companies of Uzbekistan.
We only take on projects that have already been successfully completed many times:
HR projects
We will teach your team of recruiters modern recruiting;
We will build the organizational structure of the company and remove unnecessary links that slow down work and cause losses;
We will build a system of grades and working kpi, linking them to the specifics of your business;
Discuss your HR project with us
You can order us an individual study for your company.
We explore only what the business really needs: salaries by industry, penetration of expats, lack of specialists, markets of donors of professionals. All our research is based on in-depth interviews - this is the most difficult, but the most HONEST method of obtaining reliable information. You can download any of our research from the site absolutely free of charge in its full version.
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