The first book of successful HR cases in Uzbekistan
TalentLab presents: 14 successful Uzbekistan HR cases. Each case provides a detailed solution to one of the most pressing HR problems with deadlines, budgets, implementation stages and difficulties encountered.
The first book of successful HR cases in Uzbekistan
Cases were presented by
  • Asakabank
  • HRBG
  • Beeline
  • EPAM
  • Fido biznes
  • Kapitalbank
  • Korzinka
  • SOS Children’s Villages Uzbekistan
  • TalentLab
  • The BUZZ
  • UzAuto Motors Powertrain
  • UzCarlsberg
The cases address the following issues:
  • how to carry out mass recruitment in a short time
  • how to increase loyalty and engagement in the company
  • how to develop a grading and staff evaluation system
  • how to improve the atmosphere in the team in a low-budget way
  • how to properly implement automation
and much more
Who will benefit from this book?
All HR specialists in Uzbekistan and Central Asia
This is an invaluable experience that will help you solve your HR tasks as efficiently as possible
Business leaders of Uzbekistan and Central Asia
The book will answer their questions — why HR is needed in a company and how to make it as effective as possible for business
All businesses that plan to enter the Uzbek market
The book will show problems and solutions in advance and introduce best practices
How were the cases selected?
Six months ago, TalentLab placed an ad in the largest HR public sites in the country and personally wrote to most HR managers an invitation to participate in the project. Next, we selected those cases that met 3 criteria: relevance, transparency, and success. And we presented the best to you.
Read the book in a language that is convenient for you (Uzbek, English, Russian) and get the experience of colleagues for FREE!
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